Lions Club International

Our History

Founded in 1917 by an insurance agent, Melvin Jones and the Business Circle of Chicago Luncheon Club

Objective: A business and social club that would work for the improvement of the community

Growth: Currently 1.4 million members, 46,000 clubs in 193 countries and geographic areas dedicated to seeking out and helping those in need.


Based on a speech given to the club in 1939 by Helen Keller, the Lions Club added aiding the blind, visually impaired and global blindness prevention as a critical part of the charter.

Additional activities include:

Hearing, speech services & working with the deaf, Environmental services, International relations, Local community citizenship, educational, health, social, recreational & public services

Youth Programs

Peace Poster Contest, Youth Camps, Youth Exchange Programs, Youth Outreach Programs, Leo Club


Purple – Stands for loyalty and integrity

Gold – Stands for sincerity, liberty, purity and generosity

Slogan – Liberty, Intelligence, Our Nation’s Safety


Official Name – The International Association of Lions Clubs

International Office Location:

300 22nd Street, Oak Brook, IL 60523-8842

Phone: (630) 571-5466

Fax: (630) 571-8890