SYCSD & NFLC sponsor a "Give from the Heart" program.  NFLC provides $100 funding to each of the 4th grade classes. The students get to choose which charities to give the money to.
The students in each class are required to prepare a list of charitable organizations to whom they would like to donate the money. Working individually or in small groups they research the various charities and make presentations to their peers.
After all presentations are made the students conduct a campaign with an election to hold a vote within each class to determine one recipient organization.
Representatives of the recipient organizations are contacted by our club and invited to attend a presentation ceremony generally held during the Valentines Day timeframe. At the ceremony students from each class announce their winning organization and several reasons for their selection.
The students then present the checks to the organizations representatives. For most student presenters it is the first time they have ever touched a microphone, much less speak in front of a large group.
Every child gets a pin to remember this experience.
Since its inception $6,300 has been contributed.